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The Association of Jamaican Nurses History

In the fall of 1988, Mrs. Desrene Harvey hosted a welcome reception for a group of 4 Jamaican nurses who were recruited by Mrs. Monica Rudder to work at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. At this gathering, the consensus was that this could be an avenue for mentorship for new nurses. The group further recommended that this would be a great opportunity for Jamaican nurses to come together to embrace our heritage, network and provide assistance to the Jamaican.  After a few more meetings and exploring the options of formalizing the group as a structured organization, ‘The Association of Jamaican Nurses’ (AOJN) evolved in spring of 1989 and our first president, Mrs. Lena Dietrich, was elected.


  • Annual Nursing scholarships to nursing students since 1999, more than 27 has been awarded to date
  • Provided medical supplies and personal items to the Savanna la mar Hospital         

            Collaborated with Dr. Dinsdale Ford and the Jamaica Foundation to provide disaster relief post Hurricane  Gilbert 

  • Donated supplies to Falmouth Hospital            
  • Provided  Incubators to Savanna la mar Hospital
  • Donated walkers and wheelchairs, clothing  and toiletries to Portland Infirmary
  • Provided Awning to Lucea Infirmary
  • Provided community services and assistance after Hurricane Katrina
  • Provided support, accommodation for Jamaican patients receiving Humanitarian medical care in the Texas Medical Center
  • Annual visit to the Lucea infirmary to provide care and personal items


In addition, the AOJN has:

  •  Provided donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Collaborated with Christ The King Episcopal Church with the Food Pantry Drive
  • Provided donation to the Red Cross
  • Provided donation to the Battered Women’s Shelter
  • Hosted two Health Fairs in collaboration with Dentists, nutritionists, and churches.
  • Provide assistance to needy families and toys for children at Christmas time
  • Provide volunteers and collaborate with the Jamaica Foundation for the Houston International Festival
  • Provide first aide for the annual JAGA Fest hosted by the Jamaica Foundation in Galveston annually


Elected Officers 2016-2018
Claudette Campbell                                                 President
Angella Bassaragh                                                    Vice-President
Hyacinth Gordon                                                      Secretary
Charmaine Brown                                                    Asst. Secretary
Sonia McGrath                                                          Treasurer
Laurel Westcarth                                                      Asst. Treasurer
Carlene Nichols                                                        Activity Coordinator
Dawn Marshall-Green                                             Public Relations Coordinator
Karen Tyson                                                               Scholarship Coordinator

Past Presidents
Lena Detrich
Barbara Miller
Joan White
Darnette Hill
Sonia McGrath
Hyacinth Gordon
Sandra Shaw
Laurel Westcarth

Application Forms
1.  Scholarship Application form - 2016:
  Click Here
2.  AJN Membership Application form:  Click Here

Regular monthly meetings are held on the 2
nd Saturday of each month at 10 a.m.,  except July and August, at The Crossing Church of the Nazarene,  14240 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX
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