Associaton of Jamaican Nurses-Greater Houston

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It's the mission of the Association of Jamaican Nurses to provide the opportunity for nurses of the same ethnic background to convene and reaffirm the strengths of mutual goals while encouraging the freedom to explore their diverse interests and expertise.




 As a non-profit organization, it is envisioned that the organization will be instrumental in pursuing strategies that will have an impact on health care beneficial to not only our present domain but also extend to our ethnic culture.




  • To foster an environment of collaboration among specialties and explore the dimensions of various roles of nursing
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas that provide personal and professional growth
  • To facilitate open communication among all nurses and/or nursing organizations impacting the health care system
  • To foster a climate for research and academic excellence thereby maintaining a high level of professional practice
  • To develop strategies to promote improved health care beneficial to our ethnic culture
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